How do I stake 🥩?

To start staking, visit

Once you are on the Steaking website, click "Launch App" on the top right.

The "Launch App" button will bring you to the Steaking Dashboard, make sure it's the correct URL at

Once you are at the Dashboard, connect your wallet by click "Connect Wallet" on the top right. Select the wallet you want to connect. We recommend using the Phantom Wallet for an intuitive Solana wallet experience.

Once you have your wallet connected, click on "Stake", which will bring you to a tab where it displays your stake accounts. The URL for the tab is A stake account on Solana can be used to delegate tokens to validators on the network to potentially earn rewards for the owner of the stake account. Stake accounts are created and managed differently than a traditional wallet address, known as a system account. To create your stake account, click the "Create stake account" button, then your wallet will give you a prompt to authorize the stake account creation.

Once you have your stake account created, the account state is inactive and the status is just initialized. To start activating your stake account, delegate to a validator by clicking on "Delegate" and selecting a validator. If you need help selecting a validator, see Selecting a Validator. Once you have selected a validator, your account state will now be activating and will become active at the next epoch. Once the stake account is active, you are now officially staked and earning rewards!

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