Why should I stake 🥩?

Staking is when users lock up their assets to ensure the functionality and security of the blockchain. In return, the owners of the asset are rewarded by the blockchain. Staking Solana is a safe and passive way to earn more Solana. By staking, you are keeping the network secure, decentralized, and earning rewards for it. For example, you can stake 100 Solana and in return, you can expect to have up to 7% more Solana every year from staking rewards.

Steaking is the interface for you to interact with your stake accounts and delegate to validators to keep the Solana blockchain decentralized.

To learn more about staking on Solana, check out the official information and documentation made by Solana Foundation here: https://solana.com/staking and https://docs.solana.com/staking.

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